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No Greater Pursuit is a Course

No Greater Pursuit


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Dwight Edwards

Grace Center for Spiritual Development

Revolution Within

Revolution Within exists to draw in, build up, and send forth disciples of Jesus Christ. We are a non-denominational outreach dedicated to helping release the resources of God within the people of God for the purposes of God.

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Exploring the Three Great Relationships God Calls Us to Purposefully and Passionately Pursue

Do you want to know a secret? There is a wonderful simplicity to living out the extraordinary life that the world longs for--and it is easy and impossible at the same time.

No Greater Pursuit breaks down this transformative message with a comprehensive study of the 15th chapter of the Gospel of John, perhaps the most important chapter in the Bible on spiritual life. In this 5-module course, we find the foundation on which rests the entire weight of our Christian faith, love. Undaunted, unreasonable, and unconditional love. It is the concept that Jesus taught and demonstrated while He was on earth, and in His final intimate hours with His disciples, He laid it out plainly so that we can receive and dispense this other-worldly love to others.

Dwight Edwards takes us down the pathway of dynamic, life-altering spirituality with uncomplicated and profound revelations that will invigorate your three great relationships: with Christ, fellow believers, and unbelievers.

This course includes:

  • Introduction
  • The Farmer and His Fruit
  • The Branch and Its Bounty
  • The Look of Love
  • Fishers of Men

We are called to passionately and purposefully run after the things of God and there is no higher pursuit than that of His love. Enroll now!