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Trial By Fire 1: The Struggle to "English" the Bible



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Harold Rawlings

The Struggle to "English" the Bible

The Bible stands alone as the single most important piece of literature of all time. It doesn’t just give us a blueprint on how to live life, it IS life. Men and women from different generations all over the world have been persecuted and killed to get the written word of God in a common language accessible to common people like us. 

Trial by Fire is a 6-part video teaching by Dr. Harold Rawlings that sheds light on important events in the Bible's history, how it got translated to the English language and the heroic people of faith who made it happen. These videos include:

  • Introduction 
  • 1,000 Years of the Latin Bible
  • Who was John Wycliffe?
  • Significant Events that Shaped the English Bible
  • Who was William Tyndale?
  • The Necessity and Difficulty of Different Bible Versions

In these shaky times, we must hold fast to what is enduring and true. Get to know more about the Bible and its lasting influence when you sign up for this class today!

After retiring from years of pastoral ministry, Dr. Harold Rawlings began thinking of ways he might encourage Christians in areas they know little about. He considered that most people don't know the cost involved and the martyrdom connected with translating the Bible into English. That was a story he wanted to tell. So, about 18 years ago, he started collecting Bibles, and a year later he started taking his collection of ancient Bibles on the road to churches and schools. He offers a fascinating illustration of the story of lives lost in trying to get the Bible into English.

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