Grace of God: Sovereignty



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Sovereignty by Ken Wilson


Dr. Ken Wilson

Professor of Systematic Theology and Church History
Grace School of Theology

God’s sovereignty and Man’s free will - how can both statements be true without disproving the other? 

Far from being an unsolvable problem to wrestle with, God’s sovereign will underscores His absolute power in relation to His all-encompassing grace in giving us the freedom to make our own choices. The key to unlocking this beautiful paradox lies in understanding sovereignty as defined by the Bible. 

This 3-part study from Dr. Ken Wilson dissects difficult and often controversial verses and gives clarity to important issues such as:

  • The early church fathers’ views on God’s sovereignty
  • Errors and misinterpretation of certain terms in the Bible
  • The function of divine election in foreknowledge
  • What God’s omnipotence really means
  • The right application of this understanding to your daily life

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