Grace of God: Salvation



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Grace of God Salvation by Dave Anderson


Dr. Dave Anderson

Founder and President
Grace School of Theology

What would you do if you knew that what you do now counts for eternity? 

Eternal life isn’t just about getting into heaven, it’s about getting heaven here on earth— and the first step of this amazing journey begins with salvation. Notable Bible teacher Dr. Dave Anderson unpacks paradigm-shifting truths on salvation that will affect how we live our lives today. 

Join us in this three-part teaching series where Dr. Anderson tackles important topics and answers difficult questions regarding this foundational doctrine of Christian faith.

By the end of these modules, you will be able to:

  • Differentiate the three tenses of Salvation: Justification (past), Sanctification (present), and Glorification (future), and recognize each part in the Christian walk
  • Establish the right presupposition on texts to interpret challenging verses correctly
  • Understand the context of Matthew, Mark, and Luke as it relates to Salvation and the Gospel

Salvation is the door that opens us up to the unearned, unreasonable, and unparalleled grace of God! Be part of this class and discover your place in His plan today.


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Free Grace Soteriology
By Dr. Dave Anderson

While nearly all branches of Christianity would lay claim to GRACE as the primary foundation for our future in heaven, there is a wide divergence of opinion on just what that means. The understanding of GRACE among different factions within Christianity depends heavily on one's understanding of justification, regeneration, sanctification, repentance, faith, and other biblical topics presented in this textbook. The author holds that GRACE is free, not in the sense of being cheap or easy, but as a free gift (Eph 2:9) with no strings attached, in contrast to Arminian or Calvinistic soteriology which add requirements on the "front end" or "back end" of salvation. The Free Grace position is a biblical alternative to these systems of soteriology and is presented as a corollary of dispensationalism, affirming that God's "so great salvation" is absolutely free.

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