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Grace On Demand Systematic Theology Certificate Course Systematic Theology Certificate is a Course

Systematic Theology Certificate


$100 Enroll

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Dr. Mark Haywood

Provost and Professor of Bible Exposition
Grace School of Theology

Rev. Mark Rae

Executive Director
Grace Center for Spiritual Development

Prof. Ezequiel Serrato

Associate Professor of Systematic Theology and Undergraduate Dean
Grace School of Theology


Systematic Theology Certificate

Systematic Theology is the organized study of God in His relation to the universe with a primary focus on His redemptive activity. In this course, you will understand that God is a God of order. The Bible is truth, and as theology is studied in a systematic manner, right thinking and right actions are produced.

You will learn about:

  • the focus and significance of Systematic Theology
  • the origin of the Holy Scriptures and appreciate its inerrancy
  • God the Father and have a renewed perspective about His love
  • angels, their origin, and their purpose
  • God's purpose for creating man in His image
  • sin and its consequences
  • God's answer to sin through Jesus Christ
  • the work of the Holy Spirit
  • the purpose of the Church
  • God's plan in the end times.

This course will lead you through an orderly journey into Scriptures to reveal the very heart of a good and loving God. As you learn about each -ology in this course, our prayer is for you to gain a broader view of who God is and develop a deeper love for Him.